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CVT Core


Easy 200 SY


Assembling, Packaging & Serialization


Assembling Solutions


Packaging Solutions


Nestor: De-Nesting and Re-nesting


Serialization Solutions: FSU - Integrated Multifunctional Serialization Unit


Serialization Solutions: PVU - Compact Print & Verify Unit


Smart Industrial Solutions

Industry 4.0


LDP Vials

Ompi launches LDP Vials as a result of an optimized forming process with low heating that minimizes the surface inhomogeneities formation


EZ-fill® Integrated Tip Cap (ITC) expands Ompi’s offering of closures for the EZ-fill® Syringes


The innovative, fully passive EZ-fill® integrated safety system designed to prevent needle-stick injuries and to reduce total cost of ownership for the pharmaceutical companies


About Balda

We are your one-stop solution provider specialized in plastics, offering a broad range of capabilities - from product development to the delivery of a final product, packed and sterilized where appropriate


A smart device for the oral medication of mini tablets

Dial the Dose

Wherever a high precise medication of liquids is needed


Chemical Analysis

SG Lab and Nelson Labs Europe are able to supply the advanced and the most complete chemical characterization of the primary packaging systems to detect and mitigate the risk of chemical interaction with drugs.

Container performance

Accurately testing the container performance (product/use dependent) ensures the quality of the drug product as well as the safe being of final user

Surface Characterization

Container surface characterisation provides the necessary information to confirm the system’s physical-chemical performance


Glass Processing


Glass Processing

Since 1971 Spami has been the technological leader in designing and assembling automated lines for the transformation of glass tubing into containers for pharmaceutical use

Washing Systems

Completely automatic washing machines that remove particles from the glass thanks to a dual washing process

Siliconization Line

Siliconization is a critical parameter that influences the container performance: it must be optimized and monitored to ensure a safe and effective administration to the patient and to guarantee drug quality

Glass Tube Loader

Continuous-feeding glass tube loader that ensures high reliability with limited human intervention

Vials Forming Lines

Vial forming lines capable of increasing production, reducing maintenance, improving efficiency and simplifying cleaning activities

Syringes Forming Lines

Syringe forming lines designed and built to produce syringes with optimal cosmetic, chemical and physical performance to preserve drug

Cartridges Forming Lines

Seamless high-speed machines ensuring resistant and cosmetic-compliant cartridges from 1 ml to 5 ml

Ampoules Forming Lines

First-in-class glass ampoules manufacturing line for a customizable approach to treatments and processes

Cosmetic Camera Control - Argo

The Argo (Advanced Cosmetic Camera Control) system is suitable for flexible packaging configurations, using large box buffer and different reject trays.

Cosmetic Camera Control - Eva

An automatic inspection machine that checks pharmaceutical containers (vials) at a higher speed compared to conventional converting machines

Dimensional Controls - Novis

The Novis dimensional control system allows for measuring all the dimensions of a glass container

Visual Inspections Systems


Visual Inspection Systems

A wide expertise on visual inspection thanks to Optrel and Innoscan brands

PWL Series

Semi-automatic solutions for ampoules, vials, infusion bottles, cartridges and syringes inspection

Easy 200 SY

Easy200 SY can process syringes containing injectable liquid products, highly-viscous and suspensions products up to 200 pcs/minute

Easy 200 LKD

Easy 200 LKD can process ampoules and vials containing injectable liquid products, up to 200 pcs/minute

Easy 400

Easy 400 can process ampoules and vials containing injectable liquid products, up to 400 pcs/minute

Plus 400

Plus 400 is a compact, fully automatic inspection machine and extremely flexible for a wide variety of products, with continuous motion and servo drive technology for a reliable and efficient detection of cosmetic defects, tip/cap, color ring detection, and contaminants

CVT Cartridges

CVT inspection machine for cartridges has been devised to process highly valuable drugs to an unparalleled speed

CVT Syringes

InnoScan inspection machine for syringes provides the highest inspection speed available today, reaching up to 36,900 units per hour

CVT Nest

CVT Nest is a turnkey combination, comprising the high performance CVT automatic vision inspection machine and the Nestor De-nester and Re-nester units

CVT Core

Suitable for a variety of glass containers - ampoules, vials, cartridges and syringes - CVT Core is the best-in-class choice for companies inspecting challenging high value drugs


Nestor is an innovative no glass-to-glass handling system for RTU syringes in Nest & Tub

Assembling, Packaging & Serialization

Assembling Solutions

From individual parts to complex assemblies, no task is too simple or too complex for our automated assembly solutions


The best-in-class choice for medical pen manufacturers, contract manufacturers and pharma companies to assemble insulin pens, autoinjector pens and several medical devices from various life-science areas

Packaging Solutions

Transforming complex processes into compact, coherent packaging systems featuring integrated security and control, laser-print labelling, vision control and verification

Multiformat Packaging Line

A single line able to satisfy the customer needs, packaging the various products in 148 different combinations of different carton sizes and extended range of glass containers

Serialization Solutions

Serialization for pharmaceutical products is fundamental to avoid counterfeiting and ensure patient's safety: SVM serialization systems provide huge freedom and flexibility

Advanced Industrial Solutions

Advanced Industrial Solution

One-stop shop for custom, expandable, flexible, integrated solutions that combine modularity and complementarity

Sterile Handling

Sterile Handling

A complete range of specific machines featuring cutting-edge technology that will guarantee the sterile handling of the product

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