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Pharmaceutical Products: unique plastic products and solutions based on the highest product development expertise. Pharmaceutical Products, Stevanato Group.
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Plastic Solutions for the Pharmaceutical Industry

For the pharmaceutical industry, we offer large-volume plastic accessories that are complementary to glass primary packaging such as vial adapters, Nest & Tubs/Trays, plungers, closures or integrated safety systems for syringes.

We offer intelligent dispensing systems for tablets and liquid medications up to proprietary drug delivery systems including contract manufacturing capabilities for wearables, pen-injectors, auto-injectors and respiratory devices. We produce a wide product range thanks to more than 160 injection molding machines with up to 128 cavities and a clamping force up to 500t. Our high-quality functional plastic solutions count on our specialization in high-precision injection molding, electronics and system assembly. 

Discover our plastic accessories for glass primary packaging


Integrated Tip Cap (ITC) expanding the offering of closure systems for EZ-fill® pre-fillable syringes


The innovative, fully passive SG EZ-fill® integrated safety system designed to prevent needle-stick injuries

Nest & Tub and tray

Plastic sterilized secondary packaging (nest, tub, tray) for pharmaceutical glass containers are used within aseptic handling and filling processes

Plastic accessories for syringes

The accessories for Pre-Filled Syringes (plunger rods, backstops) are developed to respond to market needs and specific customer requests safely and timely

Discover our liquid dispensing systems


Capped tubes and twist-off tubes in different dimensions for liquid medication. Veterinary and human dermal treatment are one area of application.

Dosing Systems for Liquid Medication

Innovative dispensing systems for the self-medication of non-sterile liquids. The devices meet the expectations of safe, precise dosing and low residual volume requirements. Pre-settable liquid dispensers complete the product offer

Discover our solid dispensing systems

Mini Tablet Dispenser

Stevanato Group offers several concepts to dispense mini-tablets in an accurate and convenient way. Our experience, your CDMO project.


Multiparticulate formulations like pellets and granules require appropriate and intelligent dispensing devices. Our ideas and concepts are a good base for your CDMO project.

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