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Pharmaceutical Products - Stevanato Group
Unique plastic products and solutions based on the highest product development expertise. ► Intelligent dispensing systems for tablets and liquid medications. ► Plastic components for syringes
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Plastic Solutions for the Pharmaceutical Industry

For the pharmaceutical industry, we offer large-volume plastic accessories that are complementary to glass primary packaging such as vial adapters, Nest & Tubs/Trays, plungers, closures or integrated safety systems for syringes.

We offer intelligent dispensing systems for tablets and liquid medications up to proprietary drug delivery systems including contract manufacturing capabilities for wearables, pen-injectors, auto-injectors and respiratory devices. We produce a wide product range thanks to more than 160 injection molding machines with up to 128 cavities and a clamping force up to 500t. Our high-quality functional plastic solutions count on our specialization in high-precision injection molding, electronics and system assembly. 

Discover our solid dispensing systems


The sMTS is a patented mini pill dispenser that is compatible with standard pharma bottles


The mMTS is an intelligent solid dispensing system that provides patients with a convenient and accurate way of dispensing mini tablets


A user-friendly dispensing system for multi-particulate formulations like pellets and granulates

Discover our liquid dispensing systems

Discover our plastic accessories for glass primary packaging


Integrated Tip Cap (ITC) expanding the offering of closure systems for EZ-fill® pre-fillable syringes


The innovative, fully passive SG EZ-fill® integrated safety system designed to prevent needle-stick injuries

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