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Plastic Solutions for Medicine and Medical Devices - Stevanato Group
Medical Components: development and manufacture of medical plastic solutions, with high functionality and outstanding value for money. Medical Components, Stevanato Group.
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Plastic Solutions for Medicine and Medical Devices

In developing and manufacturing plastic medical solutions, we combine functionality and economy. Our products feature excellent quality and design, ensuring safe, reliable and effective use for the benefit of the patient.

We concentrate on important trends like miniaturization. Our medical technology products range from surgery and dentistry products to plastic components for blood pump implants. Plastics are important in medicine due to their high functionality and low cost, especially for consumables.

Our team of experts in R&D, Industrialization, Production and Quality Assurance makes us an ideal partner for the development of reliable, custom plastic solutions. Our project management and customer support can assist you not only through the entire development and production process, but also throughout the product life cycle.

In addition to our CDMO activities, we have proactively taken the next step in the field of intelligent dispensing systems. We offer an innovative product range for the pharma industry, leveraging our deep development knowledge.

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Surgery Devices

Our offer ranges from vascular to cardiac and eye surgeries as well as disposable scalpels. Consistent, tight tolerances of molded components play a major role in the production of surgical devices.

Blood Treatment

Components for oxygenators and blood filters. The production of these consumables requires camera vision technologies for accurate insert placement and mold protection.

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