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SG EZ-be Pod® wearable device - Stevanato Group
SG EZ-be Pod® wearable device is an nnovative and discreet wearable device suited for diabetes care, designed to maximize patient comfort utilizing innovative technology.
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SG EZ-be Pod®: An innovative discreet wearable device suited for diabetes care and multiple daily injection therapies

SG EZ-be Pod® wearable device is part of an ongoing development program with the goal of introducing to the market an alternative to traditional pen injectors and existing wearable platforms. Its innovative, yet simple technology, maximizes patient's comfort providing an intuitive and quick administration of drug product.

Designed to be compact and comfortable, the device simplifies manual operations thanks to a technology that supports having few handling steps and is intuitive.

SG EZ-be Pod® is made up of:

SG EZ-be Pod
SG EZ-be Pod

Easy 2-step drug delivery

Just select the dose and activate the Pod with the handheld controller.

Therapeutic areas

235 Diabetes

Diabetes care and a range of therapeutic areas such as pain management, hormone therapies, Alzheimers treatment and more

174B Medirio Patch

Injection type:

  • Subcutaneous

Therapeutic areas

SG EZ-be Pod
SG EZ-be Pod


174B Medirio Patch
Automated priming and needle deployment
174C Medirio
Nearfield pod recognition and related connectively such as Bluetooth
174C Medirio Patch locked
“Pod-lock” functionality preventing user errors
193B Problem To Solve
Dosing alerts
06 KPI Production Performances
Drug volume indicator

SG EZ-be Pod® new development for Bexson Biomedical ketamine formulation to treat chronic and acute pain disorders


Patient's Advantages

161 Prevention & Training

Fast Training and Learning

Applicable to the same therapy regimens as for cartridge-based pens for diabetes and also user friendly for patients receiving treatments for other therapeutic areas

174B Medirio Patch

Injection Experience

Effortless, easy, and discreet. The handheld controller can activate the pod through clothing: the ideal solution when travelling, or during sport activities.

322 TherapySupport Medirio

Smart Therapy Support

The device alerts to avoid over-dosage and reminds the patient when to administrate the therapy.

165A_Log File

Log-File & Connectivity

Storage of therapy data. The immediate availability of the treatment data onto other devices broadens data-related services and gives a full disclosure to the caregivers.

128 Money Revenue


The pricing of the pods and disposable pens are similar. The overall package for the wearable system is cost-competitive.

72 Flexibility

Handheld flexibility

Additional features are easily integrable upon customer request (e.g. blood glucose meter or bolus calculator)

Patient's Advantages

Partner's advantges

25 Regulatory Expertise

Better and trackable compliance to therapy

79 Innovation

Innovative approach in the pen market with user-friendly system

332_Differentiation vs competition

Differentiation vs competition

Partner's advantges

Integrated capabilities

274_design circle
Device design
89_Cartridge filled circle
Glass container design & manufacturing, also available in SG EZ-fill® configuration
66_analytical circle
Analytical & testing services on glass container and functional tests on the device
196A_Molding circle
Plastic injection molding, sub-assembly of fluid path
267_SVMarm circle
Final assembly & packaging
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