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SG Alina Pen Injector Platform - Stevanato Group
SG Alina is a user-friendly disposable pen-injector platform for diabetes care, based on proven technology. SG Alina®, Stevanato Group.
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A user-friendly disposable pen injector platform for diabetes care, based on proven technology

SG Alina® is a variable-dose pen injector under development at Stevanato Group in collaboration with Cambridge Design Partnership. It is based on Axis-D intellectual property and technology exclusively licensed from pen injector device expert Haselmeier, for the treatment of diabetes.

The pen injector will be manufactured at Stevanato Group’s FDA audited facility in Germany. Access to tooling and sub-assembly equipment will be available to clients that are looking to balance investments for their device programs and also minimize time-to-market. Dedicated production tooling and lines are available if requested due to customization considerations or to support overall risk mitigation strategies. A range of final assembly equipment for this pen injector from our operations in Denmark and Italy can be made available to clients upon request or we can work with your existing equipment partner. Support from our glass primary container experts to final assembly and packing solutions are offered.

SG Alina® features an appealing and functional design, including an easy-to-dial mechanism, optimized injection force for patient comfort, and a readable display. This platform pen injector offers a range of customization from dosing and color selection, to a more customized industrial design based on the needs of the pharmaceutical client.

SG Alina - Pen Injector
SG Alina- Pen Injector

SG Alina- Pen Injector

The trademark Alina is a registered right exclusively owned by Stevanato Group or its affiliates.

Therapeutic Areas

235 Diabetes

Diabetes care

199 Chemical Molecule


SG Alina® is a customizable injection pen that helps diabetes patients to self-administer Insulin and GLP-1, promoting better compliance and more effective treatment that is available at a reasonable price point.


Therapeutic Areas

Standard pen specifications at a glance

317 Dose Indication
Clear pre-injection dose indication to avoid underdosing
326 Pen needle
Device compatible to standard pen needles
328_dose error correction
Dose error correction possible with simple dial back
214A_Feedback 2
Visual, audible and tactile feedbacks for dose setting, correction and injection

Manufacturing pen features

89 Filled Cartridge
Suitable for ISO 3mL glass cartridges, and optimized for SG’s range of 3mL solutions such as bulk, bulk SG Nexa® and SG EZ-fill®
325 User contacr alina
A range of study support is available such as biocompatible testing
13 Quality
Design for manufacturing and ease of final assembly have been considered
331_Pen injector volume scale
Standard volume scale on cartridge holder available
329A_Alina custom 2.eps
Additional customization can be offered
Precise piston positioning during end-assembly
25 Regulatory Expertise
Testing and verification according to ISO 11608-1:2012

Integrated capabilities

89_Cartridge filled circle
3mL glass cartridge available in SG EZ-fill® or bulk
66_analytical circle
Characterization of primary container closure system
196A_Molding circle
Precision manufacturing including molding, tooling and assembly of components
267A_SVMarm alina circle
Sub-assembly and final assembly equipment available
275_project mangm circle
Technology and intellectual property licensed from partner Haselmeier with additional support from our internal R&D team and consulting experts Cambridge Design Partnership
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