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Maverick Emergency Auto-Injector: innovative cartridge-based auto-injector for emergency use with intuitive two-step triggered automatic injection and needle retraction.
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Innovative cartridge-based auto-injector for emergency use with intuitive two-step triggered automatic injection and needle retraction.

Stevanato Group and Duoject Medical Systems are developing a reliable and user-friendly auto-injector for emergency use.

Maverick merges Duoject’s design and development expertise with Stevanato Group’s unique primary packaging, molding, tooling, and assembly expertise, expanding the range of choices in the market for emergency applications.

The device features a user-friendly design and intuitive activation, while the needle is never exposed and automatically retracted after injection. Mechanical robustness is a key feature of Maverick, which integrates our highly resistant Nexa® glass cartridge, making it suitable for emergency use where an effective and fast intramuscular injection is required.

Therapeutic Areas
193 Problem To Solve

Emergency Use

326 Pen needle

Injection type:

  • Intramuscular


Patented interlock safety system
Unique industrial design options available, such as customizable of textures and colors
214A_Feedback 2
Audible, visual and tactile feedback is provided to the user of the device
37A No needle exposed
The user of the device is never exposed to ‘sharps’ risk throughout the injection
13 Quality
Six formative Human Factor Studies have been conducted with >150 participants
25 Regulatory Expertise
Patent-pending onboard connectivity capabilities

Integrated capabilities

89_Cartridge filled circle
Glass primary packaging options and support is available
66_analytical circle
Characterization of primary container closure system
196A_Molding circle
Precision molding, tooling and assembly of components
267B_SVMarm_AI circle
Sub-assembly and final assembly equipment
275_project mangm circle
Experienced Project Management
25_Regulatory circle
Strong Regulatory Support
54B_Filling cartridges circle
Fill/Finish and Final Assembly of device with drug options are available through our partners
Trends in Auto-Injectors, early considerations for an emergency use auto-injector development and manufacturing: a case study
Trends in Auto-Injectors
60 min MIN.
Trends in Auto-Injectors
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