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SG Fina, SG Nexa, SG Alba - Stevanato Group
High-quality glass primary packaging, featuring improved mechanical resistance, tight dimensional tolerances, consistent surface performance and maximum device compatibility. SG Alba®, SG Nexa®, SG Fina®.
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Different specialty product lines. Consistent performance

Utilizing our extensive knowledge in glass containment solutions, we convert your ideas into reality.

Working hand in hand with customers, we develop, manufacture and deliver a wide variety of drug containment solutions that have been designed to meet specific market needs. Improved mechanical resistance, excellent cosmetic appearance, tight dimensional tolerances, consistent surface performance and maximum device compatibility are the key aspects that define our glass primary packaging product lines – SG Fina®, SG Nexa®, SG Alba®.

SG Alba®: a breakthrough solution for biologics

SG Alba® is a turning point in the development of parenteral primary packaging, representing the best-in-class solution for biologics. The reduced variability of materials in contact with the drug throughout its lifecycle makes our SG Alba® platform the perfect solution for de-risking the development process, saving costs and securing a fast introduction to market.

The drastic reduction of silicone oil particles and the extremely low-propensity to delaminate addresses some of the key requirements of protein-based drugs.

SG Nexa®: Superior quality & performance for the most demanding drugs

The SG Nexa® platform is a state-of-the-art solution when high-quality and outstanding performance are required.

SG Nexa® containers are superior in terms of functionality and performance compared to standard market solutions. Designed specifically for high-value drug products, SG Nexa® provides excellent mechanical resistance (up to three times higher than a standard container) and superior cosmetic quality. A 100% camera inspection guarantees consistent levels of quality.

SG Fina®: Flexible design for customizable glass containers

Stevanato Group’s experience in glass processing led to the development of a higher class of containers capable of combining customer needs for customization and quality.

SG Fina® is the right solution when high cosmetic quality and tight dimensional controls are required. It also allows for a high degree of customization, where a fully-tailored solution is required.

The quality levels of SG Fina® have been obtained by optimizing the forming process with improved cosmetic and dimensional controls.

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