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October, 29 2009

The pharmaceutical world in Venice for Stevanato Group

Venice, October 28, 2009 - Today the Island of San Giorgio in Venice hosted 300 representatives of the leading players in the worldwide pharmaceutical industry for a meeting on quality, product and service innovation, and internationalization. This is how Stevanato Group, the Padua company that is a worldwide leader in the production of glass primary packaging for pharmaceutical use, has chosen to "celebrate" its 60 years of operations, which have been marked by constant double-digit rhythms of growth. Started in 1949 as a handmade glass laboratory for the food industry, this history has now made Stevanato Group an authoritative partner and a worldwide point of reference for quality, innovation, and internationalization.

"This relationship of trust with the giants of the pharmaceutical sector is due to a variety of factors," said Sergio Stevanato, the Chairman of the Group. "First of all, attention to research and development, in which we invest more than 10% of annual sales, has made us the only company in the world capable of producing not only all the glass pharmaceutical primary packaging, such as vials, syringes, tubular injection vials, bottles... but also all the necessary related technology. This allows us to be the only company selling machinery and control systems to competitors as well."

"Then, there are exports, which account for 75% of our annual sales," Stevanato emphasized. "This is why our brand is present in more than 120 countries."

"Finally, don't forget the choice to internationalize with branches in Slovakia and Mexico," continued Stevanato. "we have gotten physically closer to our markets by exporting technology and know-how, guaranteeing the same quality and innovation. For example, we are the number one  producer in the world of tubular injection vials for insulin for the treatment of diabetes and we have a production capacity of about 2 billion bottles per year."

During these days of celebration and great work, Mr. Stevanato decided to communicate his next objective: the Far East.

"After the opening of the factory in Monterrey, Mexico, in 2008," the Group's Chairman announced, "the time has come to open one in China as well. We have already been exporting to this market for 8 years, and have decided that our new factory will be ready for 2012."

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