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Stevanato Group and Duoject Medical Systems are developing a reliable and user-friendly auto-injector for emergency use.

Maverick merges Duoject’s design and development know-how with SG’s unique primary packaging, molding, tooling, and assembly expertise, expanding the range of choices in the market for emergency applications.

The device features a user-friendly design that allows an easier activation while the needle is not exposed and automatically retracted after injection. Mechanical robustness is a key feature of Maverick, which integrates Ompi’s highly resistant Nexa glass cartridge, making it suitable for emergency use where an effective and fast intramuscular injection is required.

Therapeutic Areas:

  • Emergency use

Injection type:

  • Intramuscular
  • Patented double triggered injection system
  • Unique trade dress, customizable textures and colors
  • Full dose delivery triple feedback to user
  • No sharp exposed throughout the injection
  • 6 Formative Human Factor Studies with 157 participants
  • Patent-pending onboard connectivity capabilities
196_Injection Molding

Contract Manufacturing of the Injection Device


Sub-assembly performed internally and final-assembly equipment provided to Novocol Pharma


Characterization of primary container-closure system

88_Capped Cartridge

Based on a 1.2ml Nexa cartridge

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