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Franco Stevanato – Stevanato Group CEO

“The world is facing an unprecedented health challenge. We are working globally to provide support and help to our customers through a robust supply chain, allowing them to continue delivering treatments to patients. We stay committed.  On one side, we continue monitoring the evolving situation and addressing any further needed action in terms of employees’ safety, which is of utmost priority for the Company. On the other side, we keep our sense of duty in assuring the continuity of the business and the commitment we have with our customers and the market. We are sustaining the community where we live and work and are close to the people fighting the pandemic.”


We will provide continuous update in this page about our response to the evolving situation.

Global preventive measures

We are constantly focused on our staff health and safety, extending the preventive measures and containment procedures to minimize the risk of workplace transmission in each of our manufacturing facilities producing glass primary packaging, plastic molding solutions, and equipment.

In all our production departments, laboratories, and workshops, we have implemented routine disinfection, readjusted shifts to maintain the interpersonal distance, and provided sanitation supplies in all common areas.

To better respond to the fast-evolving situation, a dedicated Crisis Leadership Team has been created, ensuring that leaders in each department are taking actions in relation to their areas of responsibility and communicate timely in a joint effort to manage the virus outbreak.


Glass manufacturing activities

Italy: As part of the pharmaceutical and healthcare value chain, Stevanato Group activities have always been considered "Essential Business." Our production never ceased, and it is continuing with no interruption in both our manufacturing plants located in Piombino Dese – Padua and Latina. 

Slovakia, Brazil, China: With regards to our glass primary packaging manufacturing plants located in Slovakia, Brazil, and China, we are carrying out production seamlessly. We have replicated the preventive measures proven effective since the beginning of the pandemic, and we will be keeping them in place according to the local government guidelines, adjusting them according to the level of threat.

Mexico: In Mexico, social distancing, protection measures and suspension of all non-essential activities including transportations that are not related to essential needs have been continuing. Operations in our plant are running on schedule, with no delays.

Plastic injection molding activities

Germany and US: Operations in our sites in Germany and the US are running on a regular schedule with no delays. We have ramped up the production of diagnostic test plates used globally for the early COVID-19 detection.

The stay at home directive in California is continuing, while in Germany, several lockdown rules have been loosened, maintaining strict social distancing restrictions. The safety precautions in our injection molding plants in the US and Germany remain unaltered, implementing further sanitation activities following the World Health Organization.

Balda Diagnostic


Engineering systems activities

Italy and Denmark: In our plants in Italy and Denmark dedicated to the production of advanced glass processing, inspection, and assembly equipment for the pharmaceutical industry, we have continued our production. We have also intensified the usage of advanced remote assistance tools to support our customers for FAT, SAT, and post-sales activities. There are no significant production or delivery delays.

Logistics and global transportation

After the European Commission deliberated on setting up "green transportation lanes" for essential products, the goods circulation has returned to its normalcy in the entire EU bloc. On the other hand, the lockdown enforcement in the US and India is still penalizing goods shipment. We are in constant contact with our customers to address specific cases due to transportation issues.

Administrative staff

Administrative staff

Best practices of personal hygiene and behavior to minimize the risk of contagion are regularly communicated to all our staff.

For our office staff, we have extensively adopted remote working, ensuring a minimal office presence to the extent possible. We keep all face-to-face training activities and business meetings largely suspended.

Due to the fast-evolving situation, it is not possible to predict the effects on our global operations and supply chain. We’re working to relocate orders among our plants and mitigating delays, whenever possible. We’re constantly updating our customers. All our staff is committed to ensuring the usual responsiveness, even in this challenging context.

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