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Glass Primary Packaging

Stevanato Group provides state-of-the art glass vials, syringes, and add-on components to secure COVID-19 treatments and vaccines for the fast-increasing number of patients worldwide. Available in bulk and EZ-fill®, our glass primary packaging safeguard biodrugs integrity and guarantee reliable performance to the end user.



SG EZ-fill® vials

A broad range of bulk and ready to fill glass vials. The ideal solution to minimize breakages during filling and transportation, guaranteeing excellent cosmetic quality to avoid false-reject and to ensure a seamless and efficient high-speed production.




SG EZ-fill® syringes

Washed, siliconized and ready-to-fill syringes from 0,5 mL to 5 mL with staked needle, luer cone or luer lock adapter ensuring operational efficiency thanks to tight dimensional tolerances, high cosmetic quality, and high mechanical resistance





The Integrated Tip Cap is Stevanato Group’s closure systems for EZ-fill® syringes, developed to be the ideal match for EZ-fill® luer lock cone syringes with its twist-off closure system.





Integrated on the syringe body, ISS has been designed to protect the end-user from accidental needle-stick injuries and to ease pharmaceutical companies’ manufacturing process.


Remote virtual audits & third-party audits

In these challenging circumstances we encourage our clients to consider virtual audits or third-party audits to accommodate their product needs with a higher degree of flexibility and faster delivery. Our QA team can virtually guide pharma companies’ auditors through our sites, laboratories, and quality control departments to validate manufacturing sites.

Diagnostic Solutions

We can provide from low to high volume plastic diagnostic consumables to be used to diagnose diseases as COVID-19 or to identify who developed an immune response to the virus. For virus detection, we are supplying high-precision plastic consumables to be used in molecular diagnostics. The tests are performed to assess whether the patient is positive to the virus by looking for coronavirus genetic material (RNA). We can also provide plastic consumables for immunoassays (eg, serological test) to screen immune response.



PCR Multi Well Plate
We supply plastic multi well plates consumables for molecular analysis, which are used for rapid analysis of up to 96 blood samples.




Diagnostic Lid

We supply plastic consumables for virus detection tests that provide results mostly within minutes.


Inspection machines

Stevanato Group delivers flexible solutions to reliably inspect COVID-19 treatments and vaccine from lab development to commercial production, with a particular attention to return on investment: all of our inspection machines can be reconverted to the inspection of any other drugs. Our fast track semi-automatic and automatic machines, integrating leak detection modules, are engineered to ensure the highest product integrity.

Visual Inspection Systems


Low volume production

Go for the PWL’s flexibility. Designed to support the operators’ daily activities, these semi-automatic machines are the ideal solution for low volume treatments inspection needs and for re-inspecting rejected items, securing lower false rejects.


Visual Inspection Systems


Mid-high volume production

You can count on Plus Series for the efficient detection of cosmetic defects, particles and leaking damages (flaw, defect). These automatic inspection machines process vials and syringes with a throughput up to 24.000 pieces per hour.


Visual Inspection Systems


Very high volume production

CVT Core is the best-in-class choice to inspect challenging drugs in a wide range of therapeutic areas. It couples an advanced vision technology, guaranteeing extremely limited false reject rates, with a high speed of up to 36.000pcs per hour


Packaging and palletizing lines

With Stevanato Group, you benefit from a single point of contact for all your COVID-19 related packaging processes: cartoning, labeling, case packing and palletizing. Our portfolio includes a broad range of modular solutions, which can be configured together for totally customized solutions, in a very compact footprint.



Clinical trials

We can provide secondary packaging lines adapting to small batches for multiple and very different product formats, handling different glass primary containers on the same line and ensuring precise data reconciliation.




Low-mid volume production

The round motion platform is the best-suited solution for small batch packaging processes. The rapid changeover without use of tools, a large product range and a wide infeed modules catalogue enable to deliver a flexible and tailor-made equipment.




High volume production

Designed to meet large-scale productivity goals up to 100ppm, these lines present top-notch features, including large range of formats, fast and automatic changeover with reproducible settings and ergonomic design for optimum access to production and HMI.


Remote assistance, virtual FATs and SATs

Digitalization opens up for new possibilities. Along with our standard remote assistance services, we are running virtual FATs and SATs to overcome travel restrictions. Even the most complex processes can be displayed digitally, enabling the customers to oversee operations down to the smallest detail. As our mission is to support you in improving patients’ lives even in these challenging times.

Analytical and testing services

Stevanato Group has an unrivalled knowledge in primary packaging and related components of the container closure system. Our scientists partner with clients to help them understand the potential interactions between drugs, containers and delivery devices. Using the latest technologies, we perform many tests including physico-chemical characterization, container interaction, and CCI testing.



Container Closure Integrity testing

We can provide reliable CCIT to guarantee the container closure integrity during the shelf life of the final pharmaceutical product. Our methods are suitable for non-porous packaging such as vials, syringes and cartridges that are filled or empty.




Extractables & Leachables studies

One of the challenges for the pharma industry is linked to the packaging system which must ensure drug integrity, safety, and efficacy. We can assist in the definition of the appropriate primary packaging system looking at container-drug interaction.




Mechanical performance

Many mechanical tests ensure glass containers and its components deliver drug content safely to the patient. This testing can also investigate breakages/defects due to the manufacturing process phases, such as the thermal shocks in cold chain.




Siliconization characterization

The siliconization profile and performance must be monitored to ensure the correct device function to safely and effectively administering the drug. We provide non-destructive methods to assess silicone thickness and distribution on glass barrels.




Particles count and characterization

Due to the potential impact on patient safety, characterization of sub-visible particles has become essential in the development of drugs. We provide a comprehensive perspective on sub-visible particles by analyzing their morphology and quantitation.


Fast Track Services

As timely services are critical in a fast-evolving scenario, our dedicated, cross-functional Coronavirus Taskforce is available 24/7 to identify the best solution to address your product and project needs. Whether it is to accommodate your production needs, validate a new plant, or provide transportation options, we are at your side to ensure patients receive daily treatments in every corner of the world.

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