• 1949 1949

    The Stevanato Group’s first company (Ompi) is established. Originally called Soffieria Stella, it specializes in the production of glass bottles.

  • 1959 1959

    The company moves to Piombino Dese and from the outset is self-sufficient in terms of machinery for the production and control of glass-tube containers.

  • 1971 1971

    Spami is established. This is a company specialized in the design and production of high-speed, high-precision machinery for the production and control of glass-tube containers.

  • 1993 1993

    Stevanato Group acquires a plant in Latina, Italy (formerly named Alfamatic).

  • 2005 2005

    Stevanato Group acquires Medical Glass, based in Bratislava, Slovakia.

  • 2007 2007
    • A new department opens in Piombino Dese, Italy, dedicated to the production of ready-to-fill sterile syringes – EZ-fill™.
    • Stevanato Group acquires Optrel, based in Vicenza, Italy. A company specializing in the manufacture of inspection machines for glass-tubing containers for the pharmaceutical industry. Optrel is now a brand of Spami.
  • 2008 2008

    The Ompi North America plant opens in Monterrey, Mexico.

  • 2010 2010

    Production of the EZ-fill™ vials & cartridges begins.

  • 2011 2011
    • The Monterrey plant in Mexico doubles in size.
    • Commercialization begins for the EZ-fill™ vials and cartridges. 
  • 2012 2012

    A new commercial office opens in China, and the foundation stone is laid for a plant in Zhangjiagang.

  • 2013 2013
    • Stevanato Group acquires InnoScan, a Danish manufacturing company specializing in the production of high-precision inspection systems for the pharmaceutical industry.
    • Production begins in China.
  • 2014 2014

    A new plant is constructed in Piombino Dese, dedicated to the sterile EZ-fill™ production.

  • 2016 2016
    • Stevanato Group acquires the Danish company SVM Automatik, specialized in assembly, packaging and serialization solutions for the pharmaceutical industry, and the operative units of Balda Group, specialized in high quality and high precision plastic solutions for diagnostic, pharmaceutical and medical device applications.
    • The Groundbreaking ceremony of the Ompi do Brasil plant takes place in Sete Lagoas and officially launch the construction works of the plant.