Spami since 1971 has the technological leadership in design and production of machineries for glass tubing converting for the production of vials, cartridges, syringes, ampoules and special devices.

A team of 60 employees builds complete forming lines based on vertical rotating technology with high capability and precision that includes: integrated fully automatic lines with auto-packaging units; 100% control of dimensional and visual parameters, statistics are collected and made available on line to the operators for appropriate adjustments.

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Optrel is the Vision Inspection systems division focused on the inspection machine market for the pharmaceutical industry including parenteral drug, injectable and solid dosage inspection with automatic and semiautomatic equipments.

Now, by merging in Stevanato Group, Optrel has developed, based on the same field proven technology, a range of inspection machine for empty glass articles: ampoules, vials and syringes. The range of defects covered match the requirement from the PDA glass task force and comprise also metrological controls recorded in a SCADA-like interface for production control. The system is 21CFR11 compliant relating to recipes and batch recording.

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