Environmental Policy

The Stevanato Group is composed of two divisions:

  • The first one produces glass containers for pharmaceutical companies;
  • The second one projects and build glass tubes forming machines and after filling glass container control systems.

In those areas, the Group commits itself to best fulfill the customer's expectations for respect of the environment and sustainability.


The principal target is represented by sharing this policy with all the sites, included those that haven't been provided with an environmental management system yet.

The Stevanato Management has identified the principal action areas as listed below:

  • Environmental Management System: to implement an internal organization to monitor and manage both the direct and indirect environmental impacts of the company;
  • Laws and Regulations: to always bring itself up to date regarding the new laws and regulations and to apply them at best to its activities;
  • Communication: to make its personnel and everyone who works for the company more sensible to the adoption of environmentally respectful behavior;
  • Waste materials: to promote the reuse and recycling of waste materials thanks to the collaboration of skilled companies;
  • Resources consumption: to limit wastage and to invest in new technologies with low environmental impact;
  • Emergency: to train its personnel and to provide all the necessary emergency equipment for immediate and incisive action in every case of environmental or other emergencies.